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Model Coverage and Pricing

Subscription Pricing

Two subscriptions are available, each for two time periods:

North American data set includes data applicable to US-version passenger cars and light trucks, as listed below.

World data set includes data applicable to passenger cars and light trucks available worldwide, including the North American data set.

Subscriptions are only offered to addresses within the United States. All fees are payable in advance in US dollars.


The EPC net Online site contains information necessary to specify spare parts for the North American or World versions of the models and chassis types listed below.  Although this information is the most complete and accurate information available, there is no assurance or guarantee that this information is complete or error-free. Further, while Mercedes-Benz strives to supply spare parts for its vehicles, no assurances can be made that any specific spare part or parts are available from Mercedes-Benz.

Parts information for the North American or World versions of the following Chassis Types can be expected to be available (including all relevant engines, transmissions and major assemblies): NOTE: The exact content of EPC net Online is subject to change without notice. No guarantee of data applicability is given. Note that more models are generally available in the World data for a given chassis type than in North American data. The North American data is the same information that is available to Authorized Mercedes-Benz USA Dealers.

Chassis Type Model Class North America?
100 Type 600, 1964-1972   Y
105 Type 219, 1956-1959   Y
107 SL Class, 1972-1989   Y
108 S Class, 1965-1973   Y
109 S Class, 1965-1973   Y
110 190c/Dc,200/D,230, 1961-1968   Y
111 S Class, 1960-1971   Y
112 Type 300SE/C, 1962-1967   Y
113 SL Class, 1963-1971   Y
114 230,250/C,280/C, 1968-1976   Y
115 220/D,230,240D,300D, 1968-1976   Y
116 S Class, 1974-1980   Y
120 Type 180/D 1953-1963   Y
121 Type 190/SL/D/DL Class, 1956-1963   Y
123 E Class, 1977-1985   Y
124 E Class, 1986-1995   Y
126 S Class, 1981-1991   Y
128 Type 220SE, 1958-1961   Y
129 SL Class, 1990-2002   Y
136 Type 170V/S/Va/Vb/S-D, 1946-1955   Y
140 S Class, 1992-1999   Y
163 M Class, 1998-2005   Y
164 M Class,GL Class, 2006-Present   Y
168 A Class, non-USA    -
169 A Class, non-USA    -
170 SLK Class, 1998-2004   Y
171 SLK Class, 2005-Present   Y
180 220S, 1954-1959   Y
186 Type 300/C, 1951-1957   Y
187 Type 220, 1951-1954   Y
188 Type 300S/SC, 1952-1958   Y
189 Type 300d, 1958-1962   Y
191 Type 170Sb,1952-1953   Y
198 Type 300SL, 1954-1962   Y
199 SLR, 2005-Present   Y
201 C Class, 1984-1993   Y
202 C Class, 1994-2000   Y
203 C Class, 2001-2007   Y
204 C Class, 2008-Present   Y
204 GLK Class, 2010-Present   Y
207 E Class Coupe, 2010-Present   Y
208 CLK Class, 1998-2002   Y
209 CLK Class, 2003-2009   Y
210 E Class, 1996-2002   Y
211 E Class, 2003-2009   Y
212 E Class Sedan, 2010-Present   Y
215 CL Class, 2000-2006   Y
216 CL Class, 2007-Present   Y
219 CLS Class, 2006-Present   Y
220 S Class, 2000-2006   Y
221 S Class, 2007-Present   Y
230 SL Class, 2003-Present Y
240 Maybach Y
245 B Class, non-USA -
251 R Class, 2006-Present Y
460 G Class, non-USA -
461 G Class, non-USA -
463 G Class, 2002-Present Y

Last updated 06/17/2009